A.D. Rattray

The company founded by Andrew Dewar Rattray in 1868, is active today under the name of AD Rattray for so-called legal reasons. Today it is headed by Tim Morrison, a name that is also associated with the Bowmore Distillery. It is therefore a multi-generation experience in whiskies that is shared by this independent bottler through its showcase with "Stronachie" and "Cask Islay" but also a whole collection of whiskies from all over Scotland under the name "Cask Collection".


Cask Islay
A whisky that can only appeal to peat lovers. Smoky, smoky, smoky, this Cask Islay is the result o..
Cask Orkney 18 Year Old
This limited edition small batch of Cask Orkney celebrates the Neolithic folklore around 27 standi..
North British 25 Year Old
Located in the Lowlands, it's from the heart of Edinburgh that the distillery operates for the ble..
Stronachie 10 Year Old
This single malt is named after a ghost distillery that operated from 1890 to 1928. But its histor..