House of McCallum

Launched in 2018 by Antony McCallum, with 24 years of experience in whisky creation, the range "The Art of Whisky" combines two styles of art that are dear to his heart: whisky and paintings. With this idea, each bottle with its unique character is associated with a painting of a Scottish artist who illustrated the style of whisky. Discover them both! With the The Auld Alliance Vintage Collection range, he draws on old alliances between Scotland and France in order to bring us a personal selection of Scottish whisky casks that he has refined in noble French wine casks.


House of McCallum - Mc of the Iles
Mc of The Isles is a blend of malts from the islands of the west coast of Scotland where the McCal..
House of McCallum - McElegance
McElegance is a single malt from the Speyside region matured in American oak barrels and finished ..
House of McCallum - McPeat
McPeat is a peated single malt from the Highlands matured in American oak bourbon barrels, illustr..
House of McCallum - McPink
McPink is a blend of 60% grains and 40% malts, aged in ex-bourbon and sherry wood barrels, then fi..
House of McCallum - McWarrior
McWarrior is a single malt from the Highlands region matured in ex-bourbon barrels and then finish..
Royal Brackla 10 Year Old - Aloxe Corton Cask Finish
This Royal Brackla was selected by House of McCallum for its range The Auld Alliance Vintage Colle..