Wilson & Morgan

It's the story of a Venetian family specialised in wines since the 1920s, but in the 1960s became interested and decided to import Scotch whiskies into Italy. Always in search of a refined and distinguished taste, Fabio Rossi, founder of Wilson & Morgan, travels across Scotland and, with his partner William Cadenhead, selects promising barrels that remain in the distilleries until maturity. Inspired by the discovery of rum barrels also aging in Scottish warehouses, he created Rum Nation in 1999, a selection of the best rums from various countries.


Beathan 2009
This is the second bottling of Beathan from Wilson & Morgan: A small batch of three casks of a wel..
Demerara Solera No14 – Rum Nation
This is a rum from Guyana made with molasses that are distilled in pot-stills and column-stills wh..
Diamond 2005 – Whisky Finish – Rum Nation
This molasses rum originates from Guyana and was distilled in 2005 with the metal Coffey still of ..
Girvan 35 Year Old
It is in the Lowlands not far from the west coast that the family business William Grant & Sons, a..
Jamaica 5 Year Old – Rum Nation
This rum is made in St. Catherine, Jamaica, in a pot still, presumably at the Worthy Park distille..
Ledaig 12 Year Old - Cask Strength
Ledaig is the peaty range from the Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull. Proposed by the bottl..
Port Mourant 2001 – Rum Nation
This molasses rum originated in Guyana and was distilled in 2001 using the old local wooden double..
Port Mourant 21 Year Old – Sherry Finish
This rum is distilled in the legendary 250 year old double wooden pot still from the Port Mourant ..
Westport 15 Year Old – Sherry Wood
Behind the name Westport lays a vatted malt, 99% of which comes from the Glenmorangie distillery a..