Whisky Discovery Basket “Peated Special”

Whisky Discovery Basket “Peated Special”

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Explore the peated whiskies with our discovery basket containing six 4-cl tasting bottles.

A basket focussed on the peat, and not only on whiskies from Islay. Discover the characteristics of these whiskies, off the beaten track of the usual big classic distillieries. More or less peated, blends of single malts or unique distilleries, this edition does not focus on the age of the whiskies but on the perception of the peat – for a relaxing tasting moment.


Connemara 12 Year Old

Double Barrel Bowmore/Inchgower

Highland Park Valfather

Langatun Old Bear (reduced version)

Peat Monster

Paul John Bold



Limited edition


Total volume: 24 cl