Excalibur 45 Year Old - 1972

Excalibur 45 Year Old - 1972

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This is neither a classic car nor the legendary sword but the new deluxe blended whisky range of Meadowside Blending. For this small batch of 1200 bottles, it is a marriage of 50% grain whisky and 50% malt whisky including Glenrothes, Tamdhu and Lochside (ghost distillery and collector that no longer exists since 2005) distilleries that compose this old blend. A complex whisky that requires taking time to tasting as it may surprise at first. Vintage 1972, this unique whisky is bottled in 2017 at cask strength, with no chill-filtration or colouring, which leaves it a good fatty side.


Flavour palette: 

Floral  Noisettes  Epices


Content: 70 cl

Strength: 42.2%