Compass Box Whisky Co.

After a rich experience in the wine industry and then six years at Diageo, the American John Glaser creates Compass Box Whisky Co. in 2000. A small independent company based in London and specialised in the assembly of whiskies behind which craftsman artist Whisky maker John Glaser operates. He suggests theses bottlings unfiltered cold and without artificial colourings.


Compass Box - No name
This first expression from Compass Box launched in 2017 is one of their most peated ones. It’s a b..
Compass Box - The Peat Monster
Peat Monster combines smoky and peaty single malts from the island of Islay with Laphroaig for 40%..
Compass Box - The Spice Tree
When it was launched in 2005, this whisky was almost banned by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA)..