Yes, there are distilleries that produce whisky in Switzerland. And they are well a dozen to renew their whisky experience year after year. Certain characteristic like the choice of woods for the aging the whisky very often bring a unique taste. A terroir not to be overlooked.


Gold Bee Whisky Liqueur
The base of this liqueur is the Old Deer whisky mixed with very aromatic honey from the Yucatan re..
Jacob's Dram
It's in a Pinot Noir barrel that this single malt has aged for 5 years. This limited edition of 56..
Langatun Marsala Cask Finish
This single malt was distilled in August 2012 and aged for 8 years in ex-Chardonnay wine casks. It..
Langatun Sherry Cask Finish
This Langatun Sherry Finish is the first of a trilogy to come. A 7-year-old whiskey aged in an oak..
Old Bear
OUT OF STOCK FOR THE MOMENT This whisky represented by a bear does not mistake us, we are well in..
Old Deer
Pure spring water and carefully selected malt in Europe are the basis of this single malt. This yo..
Old Eagle
A single-cask rye whisky proposed by Langatun distillery. Distilled in 2010 and bottled in 2015, t..
Old Mustang
A single-cask bourbon whiskey is what Langatun distillery proposes us. A 4-year-old bourbon, disti..
Old Woodpecker
A whisky labeled organic, here it is! A single malt from a organic culture distilled three times a..
Säntis Edition Snow White No 8
Once again, the Locher brewery-distillery in Appenzell proposes us a tasting experience with its S..
Whisky Castle Family Reserve
Since its first whisky in 2001, the distillery has never stopped its exploration arround the malt...
Winter Wedding
This Winter Wedding, is a harmonious marriage of Old Deer and Old Bear. With its peaty taste, this..