Octomore Edition 10.4 Virgin Oak

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Distilled in 2016 at Bruichladdich using 100% Scottish Concerto barley from the 2015 harvest. This whisky has a peat level measured at 88 ppm. For aging, only twenty-eight virgin casks cut from Limousin oak and highly toasted are used for mere 3 years of maturation. A whisky bottled with its natural colour and without chill filtration that will surely surprise its adept public with its character of softer smoke desired for this 10th series.

Tasting notes of the distillery:

A warming whisky, dry in the palate, spicy like a mulled wine with notes of leather and tobacco. A touch of malt sugar and icing sugar all wrapped in earthy peat smoke.

Content: 70 cl

Strength: 63.5%