Tamnavulin Double Cask

CHF 35.00
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The Tamnavulin distillery was founded in 1966 on the banks of the Livet river. Previously, there was a carding mill on this site, processing the fleeces of the sheep to make wool. It is from this mill that the Tamnavulin distillery takes its name which means in Gaelic “mill on the hill”. This double cask came on the market in 2016, it is a whisky matured in American oak barrels with a finish in sherry casks.

Tasting notes of the distillery:

On the nose, rich, warm aromas of apple, toffee and honey with sweet marzipan and subtle tangy marmalade notes.

On the palate, fresh, mellow notes of pear, creamy peaches, pineapple and a hint of Demerara sugar.

The finish is rich, smooth and refreshing.

Content: 70 cl

Strength: 40%