Bowmore 26 Year Old Vintner’s Trilogy

CHF 500.00
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This 26 year old Bowmore is the second in a vine-themed trilogy that showcases this Islay single malt with long wine-cask finishes. This whisky began its maturation in ex-bourbon barrels for 13 years, then was transferred for a second maturation of another 13 years in French oak barrels that previously held wine. All this in the legendary Bowmore No.1 Vault, the the world’s oldest whisky maturation warehouse.


Tasting notes of the distillery:

On the nose, redcurrant jam, camphor oil and cherry pie intermingle with earthy smoke.

On the palate, mouth coating oak spiced smoke and dark chocolate.

The finish is long lasting and mouth-watering with a hint of salt on the lips.

Content: 70 cl

Strength: 48.7%