Compagnie des Indes Dominidad 2nd Batch Blend

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The Compagnie des Indes lets you discover rums with authentic taste, rums with a variety of flavours, impregnated with their origins. This second Batch of Dominidad 15 years old is again a blend of three ex-bourbon casks (one from the Dominican Republic and the others two from Trinidad and Tobago). The association between the Dominican Republic and Trinidad produces a surprising mix between two types of rums, one oily and heavy, the other fresh and light. Distilled in December 2000 and bottled in October 2016 without chill filtration for a limited edition of 936 bottles. A rum with orange notes with a touch of salt and smoke that accompanies us to the finish.


Molasses rum 15 years old

Country: Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago

Batch: 2, numbered bottles

Content: 70 cl

Strength: 43%