Bib & Tucker small batch bourbon whiskey

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Its name, "Bib & Tucker" is inspired by the past of the United States, when this term described one’s finest clothes worn on special occasions. And we must recognise that this whiskey has a good-looking apparel in this typical American style bottle. Grains harvested in late 2006, created early 2007 the mash of this whiskey composed of 70% corn, 26% rye and 4% malted barley which is then distilled twice,.first in a column still and a second time in an old pot still. A whiskey aged for 6 years in oak charred barrels. A batch of about fifty barrels for which we no longer asks the question on its slogan: "Why it's a fine time to drink."


Flavour palette:

Céréales  Noisettes  Epices


Content: 75 cl

Strength: 46%